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on Thu 17 May 2018, 12:54 am
Scripture Passage: Psalm 103:1-22;

Just an amazing, beautiful passage that reminds us as the readers of the importance of simply blessing God's name. Not that it needs to be blessed - rather we are graciously invited to praise Him for who He truly is.
-This passage speaks nothing about any requests, it doesn't ask God for anything nor does it expect God to do anything.

It starts with 'Bless the Lord, O my soul' and it ends with it.

Verses 2 to 14 speaks about God's nature and how He has been gracious in the past as He will be forever. It speaks about the removal of our sins against us and compassion towards us. It speaks about God's love and yet His rebuke - to be limited only for a moment (v.9).
-God has done immeasurably more compared to what we can possibly even ask for. Does He not deserve all of our attention? All of our praise and all of our focus?
-I wish I can remain living a life of gratitude and to be able to witness God's amazing power on a daily level. I pray for an unsatisfied soul, that I may be even hungrier for God.

On the other hand, verses 15 to 19 addresses mankind, and it states that our days are numbered, and we will one day be no more - just like grass.
-Yet it is God's love that remains, it is His love that truly lasts above all to those who fear him.
-We, as His children are beautifully welcomed into His kingdom, now and forevermore! What an amazing, comforting truth this truly is.

Finally, the final three verses closes with blessing God. Hanna, I pray that both of us may bless God's holy name until the day in which God calls us back to Him. Hope you're resting well, love you.

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